ASTM D5579-19 - Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Thermal Stability of Manual Transmission Lubricants in a Cyclic Durability Test
May 1, 2019 - ASTM International

1.1 This test method covers the thermal stability of fluids for use in heavy duty manual transmissions when operated at high temperatures. 1.2 The lubricant performance is measured by the number of shifting cycles that can be performed without failure of...

ASTM A111-99a(2020) - Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) “Iron” Telephone and Telegraph Line Wire
September 1, 2020 - ASTM International

This specification covers the standard requirements for iron wire with Class A, Class B, and Class C zinc coatings suitable for use in telephone, telegraph, and signal transmission lines. The zinc used for the coatings shall be of any grade while the base metal shall be...

ASTM D1934-20 - Standard Test Method for Oxidative Aging of Electrical Insulating Liquids by Open-Beaker Method
December 1, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1Â This test method covers two procedures for subjecting electrical insulating liquids to oxidative aging: 1.1.1Â Procedure A, without a metal catalyst, and 1.1.2Â Procedure B, with a metal catalyst. 1.2Â This test method is applicable to insulating liquids used as...

ASTM D4150-20 - Standard Terminology Relating to Gaseous Fuels
July 15, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1 This standard defines the terms used in standards that are the responsibility of Committee D03 on Gaseous Fuels. These terms are used in: 1.1.1 The sampling of gaseous fuels, 1.1.2 The analysis of gaseous fuels for composition and various other physical properties, and 1.1.3 Other...

P2746/D6, Jan 2020 - IEEE Approved Draft Guide for Evaluating AC Interference on Linear Facilities Co-Located Near Transmission Lines
2020 Edition, May 6, 2020 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

This guide identifies the mechanisms and analysis approach fo 1 r ac interference effects 2 on conductive linear facilities due to the operation of co-located electric transmission lines. The 3 common mechanisms for ac interference including magnetic inductive coupling,...

ASTM D8290-20 - Standard Test Method for Determination of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) in Aviation Turbine Fuel using Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopy
November 1, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1 This test method covers the quantification of the fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) content in aviation turbine fuel in the range of 10 mg/kg to 400 mg/kg by measuring infrared (IR) transmission before, during, and after FAME is converted to molecules that absorb...

ASTM D2513-20 - Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings
December 1, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1Â This specification covers requirements and test methods for material dimensions and tolerances, hydrostatic burst strength, chemical resistance, and rapid crack resistance of polyethylene pipe, tubing, and fittings for use in fuel gas pipelines for direct burial and...

ASTM D5472/D5472M-20 - Standard Practice for Determining Specific Capacity and Estimating Transmissivity at the Control Well
June 1, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1Â This practice describes a procedure for conducting a specific capacity test, computing the specific capacity of a control well, and estimating the transmissivity in the vicinity of the control well. Specific capacity is the well yield per unit drawdown at an identified time after...

ASTM E1672-12(2020) - Standard Guide for Computed Tomography (CT) System Selection
December 1, 2020 - ASTM International

5.1Â This guide will aid the purchaser in generating a CT system specification. This guide covers the conversion of purchaser's requirements to system components that must occur for a useful CT system specification to be prepared. 5.2Â Additional...

P1071/D3, Aug 2018 - IEEE Approved Draft Application Guide for an Engineered Restoration Program for Failed Transmission Structures
2019 Edition, November 7, 2019 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

An outline for the development of a restoration program using engineered restoration structures for failed transmission line structures is provided in this guide.