Proceedings. Fourth ACM & IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for Co-Design. (MEMOCODE'06) (IEEE Cat. No. 06EX1398)
2006 Edition, January 1, 2006 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

The following topics are dealt with: formal methods; model checking; rule-based hardware design; hardware verification; transaction level modeling; programming models; SoC-implemented architectures; time and clocks; and scheduling.

Two-Aggregator Topology Optimization using Multiple Paths in Data Center Networks
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

In this paper we focus on the problem of data aggregation using two aggregators in a data center network, where the source racks are allowed to split their data and send to the aggregators using multiple paths. We show that the problem of finding a topology that minimizes aggregation...

Learn to Play Maximum Revenue Auction
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

Auctions for allocating resources and determining prices have become widely applied for services over the Internet, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things in recent years. Very often, such auctions are conducted multiple times. They may be expected to gradually reveal...

May CEDA Currents
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

Provides several short items that may include news, reviews or technical notes that should be of interest to practitioners and researchers.

Error Concealment for Cloud-based and Scalable Video Coding of HD Videos
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

The encoding of HD videos faces two challenges: requirements for a strong processing power and a large storage space. One time-efficient solution addressing these challenges is to use a cloud platform and to use a scalable video coding technique to generate multiple video...

Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Energy Efficient Cloud Radio Access Networks
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

Energy saving is critical for the cloud radio access networks (C-RANs), which are composed by massive radio access units (RAUs) and energy-intensive computing units (CUs) that host numerous virtual machines (VMs). We attempt to minimize the energy consumption of C-RANs, by leveraging...

A Holistic Approach to Distributed Dimensionality Reduction of Big Data
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

With the exponential growth of data volume, big data have placed an unprecedented burden on current computing infrastructure. Dimensionality reduction of big data attracts a great deal of attention in recent years as an efficient method to extract the core data which is smaller to...

Water-Constrained Geographic Load Balancing in Data Centers
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

Spreading across many parts of the world and presently hard striking California, extended droughts could even potentially threaten reliable electricity production and local water supplies, both of which are critical for data center operation. While numerous efforts have been...

Phase–Reconfigurable Shuffle Optimization for Hadoop MapReduce
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

Hadoop MapReduce is a leading open source framework that supports the realization of the Big Data revolution and serves as a pioneering platform in ultra large amount of information storing and processing. However, tuning a MapReduce system has become a difficult work because a large...

AGATE: Adaptive Gray Area-based TEchnique to Cluster Virtual Machines with Similar Behavior
Volume PP - IEEE Computer Society

As cloud computing data centers grow in size and complexity to accommodate an increasing number of virtual machines, the scalability of monitoring and management processes becomes a major challenge. Recent research studies show that automatically clustering virtual machines that are...