48-1962 - AIEE Standard for Potheads
1962 Edition, May 15, 1962 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

This standard covers all types of indoor and outdoor potheads for alternating-current circuits (see Table 3 for voltage ratings). So-called through-type potheads are not within the scope of this Standard. Potheads and component parts shall be capable of withstanding the tests specified in this...

48-1948 - AIEE Standard for Potheads
1947 Edition, December 31, 1947 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

These standards cover all types of indoor and outdoor potheads for alternating-current circuits (See Table 4 for voltage ratings). Potheads and component parts shall be capable of withstanding the tests specified in these standards, when mounted for testing in accordance with arrangements...

ST 48:1995 - For Motion-Picture Film (16-mm) — Picture and Sound Contact Printing — Printed Areas
1995 Edition, May 10, 1995 - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

This standard specifies the location and size of the printed picture and photographic sound track areas for both negative/positive and reversal contact printing operations. An opaque line should appear between picture and sound in the finished print. The dimensions given for picture-printed area...

Two New CMOS Consortia Worth Mentioning
Critical Link, LLC

There's some interesting news on the CMOS front that I wanted to share with you. This past May, in Europe, two different consortia began work on CMOS image sensor projects.

CMOS LDO Regulators for Portable Devices (.pdf)
ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC

ROHM CMOS LDO (low drop-out) regulators are tailored for use in portable devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders. Lower in cost and small in packaging, ROHM CMOS LDOs offer designers a superior alternative to PWM regulators in many point-of-load...

CMOS Cameras Rise to Speed Challenge

Advances in CMOS image-sensor technology are making it possible for a new breed of highspeed cameras to capture events previously impossible to image by conventional CCD cameras. Improvements in chip design and manufacturing have enabled CMOS cameras to become a...

Pin-Compatible CMOS Upgrades to Bipolar LDOs
Microchip Technology, Inc.

Bipolar low dropout regulators (LDOs) have become common place in a variety of portable applications, such as cell phones, pagers and PDAs. Their popularity stems from small packaging, high output current capability and precision output voltage specifications. However, the bipolar process...

ASTM F1192-11(2018) - Standard Guide for the Measurement of Single Event Phenomena (SEP) Induced by Heavy Ion Irradiation of Semiconductor Devices
March 1, 2018 - ASTM International

1.1 This guide defines the requirements and procedures for testing integrated circuits and other devices for the effects of single event phenomena (SEP) induced by irradiation with heavy ions having an atomic number Z ≥ 2. This description specifically excludes the effects of...

ASTM A29/A29M-20 - Standard Specification for General Requirements for Steel Bars, Carbon and Alloy, Hot-Wrought
July 1, 2020 - ASTM International

This guide covers a group of requirements for carbon and alloy steel bars under each of the following specifications: hot-rolled carbon steel bars, cold-finished carbon steel bars, hot-rolled alloy steel bars, and cold-finished alloy steel bars. Heat and product analysis shall be performed...

ASTM A53/A53M-20 - Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded and Seamless
July 1, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1 This specification2 covers seamless and welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe in NPS 1/8 to NPS 26 [DN 6 to DN 650] (Note 1), inclusive, with nominal wall thickness (Note 2) as given in Table X2.2 and Table X2.3. It shall be permissible to furnish pipe having other dimensions...