8 - An American National Standard IEEE Standard for Mechanical Core Specifications for Microcomputers
1988 Edition, January 1, 1988 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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ST 8:1995 - For Video Recording — Quadruplex Recorders Operating at 15 in/s — Audio Level and Multifrequency Test Tape
1995 Edition, February 13, 1995 - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

This standard specifies an audio frequency test tape to be used for adjusting the sensitivity and frequency response of audio 1 record (program audio track) and audio 2 record (cue track) of quadruplex video magnetic tape recorders operating at a tape speed of 15 in/s (381...

EG 8:1993 - Specifications for Motion-Picture Camera Equipment Used in Space Environment
1993 Edition, November 17, 1993 - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

This guideline specifies the technical and operational requirements for the use of documentary and theatrical motion-picture cameras aboard a space shuttle.

Three Ways to Capture Carbon Emissions from Power Plants
October 31, 2017 - IEEE GlobalSpec

The Petra Nova facility, a coal-fired power plant located near Houston, Texas, is one of only two operating power plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the world, and it is the only such facility in the United States. The 110 megawatt (MW) Boundary Dam plant in...

The U.S. Cities With (Or Committed to) 100% Renewable Power
IEEE GlobalSpec

Last week renewable energy company Hello Solar released an interactive map highlighting American cities committed to 100% renewable energy. Locations range from small communities that have already converted to 100% renewables, like Kodiak Island, Alaska and Burlington, Vermont, to huge metropolises...

How Does Solar Energy Work? CSP Basics
April 4, 2017 - IEEE GlobalSpec

They are among the most futuristic-looking power plants in existence. Row upon row of highly polished mirrors focus the sun's rays at a central point on a slender tower and generate electricity with no emissions and with no fossil fuel. In practice, concentrating solar...

Two Big Nukes at Risk After PJM Auction
May 25, 2017 - IEEE GlobalSpec

The future of two big nuclear power plants is cloudy after they fell short in an annual auction for electric generating capacity to serve millions of customers in parts of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. The Three Mile Island (TMI) and Quad Cities nuclear plants did not clear...

Massive, Gravity-Based Battery Towers Could Solve Renewable Energy’s Storage Problem
December 18, 2018 - IEEE GlobalSpec

Renewable energy is billed as a clean source of power that will free civilization from the dirty, CO2-generating fossil fuels that drive climate change. But it has a problem. From left to right, Energy Vault's tower fully "charged," at partial levels of charge, and with its...

The Race to Deploy Devastating Hypersonic Railguns Heats Up
March 7, 2018 - IEEE GlobalSpec

Railguns are one of the most devastating weapons conceived, capable of shooting hypersonic bullets with enough energy to liquefy even the toughest armor. These electromagnetic guns accelerate super-dense metal shells to upwards of Mach 6, or six times the speed of sound (4,570 mph; 7,350 kph),...

Revealing the brain’s mysteries, one neuron at a time
April 18, 2019 - IEEE GlobalSpec

As the seat of consciousness, the brain makes humans different from all other living creatures. Although it plays a central role in defining humanity, a precise understanding of how the brain functions still eludes researchers. Certain regions of the brain light up during...