ASTM D7853-13(2020) - Standard Test Method for Hydraulic Pullout Resistance of a Geomembrane with Locking Extensions Embedded in Concrete
June 1, 2020 - ASTM International

5.1 Due to hydraulic pressure that may be present on some applications, engineers need to understand the capability of these products to resist this pressure. This test allows engineers to compare products and verify pullout strength. 5.2 Hydraulic pullout resistance is a function of locking...

ASTM D1909-13(2020)e1 - Standard Tables of Commercial Moisture Regains and Commercial Allowances for Textile Fibers
June 1, 2020 - ASTM International

1.1 These tables list the commercial moisture regains and commercial allowances commonly used for a number of textile fibers. Such moisture regain and allowance values are intended primarily for determining the commercial weight of a specific fiber when the fiber is bought or sold on...

ASTM D7734/D7734M-13(2020) - Standard Test Method for Determination of Open Time of Oxidative Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes by a Manual Method
June 1, 2020 - ASTM International

3.1 When formulating printing inks and overprint varnishes that dry primarily by oxidation it is important to know the stay open time so that premature drying does not occur on the printing press rollers and other components. 3.2 The applied ink or OPV film used for testing is thicker...

ASTM C61/C61M-00(2020) - Standard Specification for Gypsum Keene's Cement
June 1, 2020 - ASTM International

This specification covers various grades of anhydrous calcined gypsum known as gypsum Keene's cement, designed for use in the base and finish coats of gypsum plaster. The cement shall show a combined water content not more than the specified value when tested in accordance with...

P1937.1/D6.0, May 2020 - IEEE Draft Standard Interface Requirements and Performance Characteristics for Payload Devices in Drones
2020 Edition, May 19, 2020 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

IEEE 1937.1 standard presents the general interface requirements and performance characteristics of payload devices in drones. Chapater1 and chapter2 are the overview and normative references of the standard. In chapter 3, there are a few definitions including drones, payload...

PC62.11/D9.0, Feb 2020 - IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (> 1 kV)
2020 Edition, May 8, 2020 - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Metal-oxide surge arresters (MOSAs) designed to repeatedly limit the voltage surges on 48 Hz to 62 Hz power circuits (>1000 V) by passing surge discharge current and automatically limiting the flow of system power current are addressed in this standard. This standard applies to...

ASTM D5481-13(2020) - Standard Test Method for Measuring Apparent Viscosity at High-Temperature and High-Shear Rate by Multicell Capillary Viscometer
May 1, 2020 - ASTM International

5.1 Viscosity is an important property of fluid lubricants. The viscosity of all fluids varies with temperature. Many common petroleum lubricants are non-Newtonian: their viscosity also varies with shear rate. The usefulness of the viscosity of lubricants is greatest when the...

ASTM E2714-13(2020) - Standard Test Method for Creep-Fatigue Testing
May 1, 2020 - ASTM International

4.1 Creep-fatigue testing is typically performed at elevated temperatures and involves the sequential or simultaneous application of the loading conditions necessary to generate cyclic deformation/damage enhanced by creep deformation/damage or vice versa. Unless such tests are performed in...

ASTM D1129-13(2020) - Standard Terminology Relating to Water
May 1, 2020 - ASTM International
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ASTM E2503-13(2020) - Standard Practice for Qualification of Basket and Paddle Dissolution Apparatus
April 1, 2020 - ASTM International

2.1 This practice outlines a procedure for the mechanical calibration of paddle and basket dissolution units to ensure reproducibility of results. 2.2 Once a unit meets all of the mechanical specifications included in this practice, it is considered calibrated and further calibration...