Worldwide Standardization — Now or Never

Author(s): Thomas S. Robson
Publisher: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Publication Date: 1 February 1981
Conference Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Conference Date: 6 February 1981
Page(s): 222 - 228
ISBN (Paper): 978-1-61482-911-9
DOI: 10.5594/M00665



In the UK we have lived with a 405-line television system since the first public high definition television service, as it was then called, was inaugurated in 1936. This, like those that were adopted in other countries, such as the 525-line standard originated in the United States and the 625-line standard in Europe, is an analogue system throughout from the signal origination through the studios, links, transmitters and receivers to the display device in the homes.