Digital Recording: What is to be Done?

Author(s): Dominique Nasse
Publisher: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Publication Date: 1 February 1980
Conference Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Conference Date: 1 February 1980
Page(s): 156 - 163
ISBN (Paper): 978-1-61482-909-6
DOI: 10.5594/M00446



Digital magnetic recording is probably as old as the earth itself. The earth's magnetic field was indeed retained by lava becoming solid a hundred million years ago, and the hundreds of flux reversals that have been occurring since that time are now stored in the Atlantic ocean deeps within a natural "tape" of lava flow running at a few inches per year. More recently, the first experimental achievement of alternate magnetization of a steel wire was reported by Arago to the French Academy of Sciences in 1820.