The Mosaic Keyer

Author(s): Shigeru Jumonji
Publisher: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Publication Date: 1 February 1979
Conference Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Conference Date: 3 February 1979
Page(s): 110 - 118
ISBN (Paper): 978-1-61482-908-9
DOI: 10.5594/M00422



The use of microcomputers is becoming widespread in recent times, so much so that we are said to be in the age of microcomputers now. It is small wonder, then, that the microcomputer is finding its way into broadcasting equipment also. The mosaic keyer to be described here is a compact TV pattern generator unit for video special effects using a microcomputer (MC6800) (Fig. 1). This unit divides the TV raster into 64 elements each in the vertical and in the horizontal directions (in all, 4096 elements) and controls the writing in each of these elements by means of a microcomputer.