Quebec 1971 and Information by Images

Author(s): Gilles Bergeron
Publisher: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Publication Date: 1 October 1971
Conference Location: Montreal
Conference Date: 7 October 1971
Page(s): 101 - 103
ISBN (Paper): 978-1-61482-904-1
DOI: 10.5594/M00185



With your permission, I shall begin by extending to you the greetings and best wishes of Jean-Paul L'Allier, Minister of Communications, who is most happy to see you holding your annual meeting in Quçbec just when you have decided to study so vital a topic as new video equipment. Quçbec is keenly interested in these instruments of technical progress and this will be the subject of my talk. Indeed, Mr. L'Allier and the entire Department of Communications are eagerly looking forward to the results of your symposium discussions.