Interactive Television—What it Means to Cable Television

Author(s): Edward J. Callahan
Publisher: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Publication Date: 1 October 1970
Conference Location: New York, NY, USA
Conference Date: 5 October 1970
Page(s): 113 - 117
ISBN (Paper): 978-1-61482-903-4
DOI: 10.5594/M00704



The promise that cable TV holds for the future of communications is multifaceted. Along with the high-quality television signals delivered to the homes many new services will be available. The functions required for these services can be categorized as follows: monitoring, control, keyboard data entry, hard and soft copy output and high-resolution display. The applications offered can be classified as user interactive or noninteractive. To accommodate these new functions, systems will have bidirectional capability and, in many cases, extended bandwidth approaching 300 MHz. Home terminals will have keyboards ranging in size from three or four buttons up to the size of a standard typewriter. Various system considerations are discussed relative to the addition of these new services to cable TV systems.