IEEE Computer Society - Towards Occupancy-Driven Heating and Cooling

Author(s): K. Whitehouse ; Juhi Ranjan ; Jiakang Lu ; T. Sookoor ; M. Saadat ; C. M. Burke ; G. Staengl ; A. Canfora ; Hossein Haj-Hariri
Sponsor(s): IEEE Computer Society
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Publication Date: 1 August 2012
Volume: 29
Page Count: 9
Page(s): 17 - 25
ISSN (Paper): 0740-7475
DOI: 10.1109/MDT.2012.2201439

HVAC systems are eventually needed to maintain comfort for occupants, and as a result sensing and leveraging user context information is critical for the energy-efficient operation of buildings.... View More