Analysis of Gamma Ray Scintillation Spectra for Quantitative Photon Intensities

Author(s): N. H. Lazar
Publisher: IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Publication Date: 1 December 1958
Volume: 5
Page(s): 138 - 146
ISSN (Paper): 0096-2015
DOI: 10.1109/TNS2.1958.4315643



The various considerations necessary for conversion of the pulse height spectrum from NaI(Tl) spectrometers to photon intensity distributions are discussed. Some of these are: 1) resolution and efficiency of the crystal; 2) summing of cascade gamma rays; 3) source geometry and self-absorption; and 4) handling of positron emitters. A straightforward empirical method for subtracting the Compton distributions associated with the various gamma rays in a complex spectrum is indicated and the logical extension to continuous photon distributions is discussed.