CUST - Development of swimming robot with a helical coil propeller and its control algorithm

2013 International Symposium on Ocean Electronics (SYMPOL 2013)

Author(s): V. Balanagajyothi ; S. B. Pranesh ; R. Narendran ; A. Vadivelan ; D. Sathianarayanan ; N. Vedachalam ; G. A. Ramadass
Sponsor(s): IEEE Oceanic Eng. Soc.
Publisher: CUST
Publication Date: 1 October 2013
Conference Location: Kochi, India
Conference Date: 23 October 2013
Page(s): 167 - 174
ISBN (CD): 978-93-80095-45-5
ISSN (Electronic): 2326-5566
ISSN (Paper): 2326-5558
DOI: 10.1109/SYMPOL.2013.6701927

This paper presents the development of bio-mimetic robot with helical coil as the thrust generating element and its control algorithm. The design and development of bio-mimetic robot adopts the... View More