Engineers Australia - Closeness of solutions and averaging for nonlinear systems on Riemannian manifolds

2013 3rd Australian Control Conference (AUCC)

Author(s): Farzin Taringoo ; Dragan Nesic ; Ying Tan ; Peter M. Dower
Publisher: Engineers Australia
Publication Date: 1 November 2013
Conference Location: Fremantle, WA, Australia
Conference Date: 4 November 2013
Page(s): 47 - 52
ISBN (CD): 978-1-4799-2497-4
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4799-2498-1
DOI: 10.1109/AUCC.2013.6697246

An averaging result for periodic dynamical systems evolving on Euclidean spaces is extended to those evolving on (differentiable) Riemannian manifolds. Using standard tools from differential... View More