Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - Predicting Questions' Scores on Stack Overflow

2016 IEEE/ACM 3rd International Workshop on CrowdSourcing in Software Engineering (CSI-SE)

Author(s): Haifa Alharthi ; Djedjiga Outioua ; Olga Baysal
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Publication Date: 1 May 2016
Conference Location: Austin, TX, USA
Conference Date: 16 May 2016
Page(s): 1 - 7
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4503-4158-5
DOI: 10.1109/CSI-SE.2016.009

Developer support forums are becoming more popular than ever. Crowdsourced knowledge is an essential resource for many developers yet it can raise concerns about the quality of the shared content.... View More