School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering - Multi-layer perceptron as equalisers for multilevel pulse amplitude modulation scheme in SI-POF

2016 International Conference for Students on Applied Engineering (ICSAE)

Author(s): Isaac N. Osahon ; Sujan Rajbhandari ; Wasiu O. Popoola
Publisher: School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
Publication Date: 1 October 2016
Conference Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Conference Date: 20 October 2016
Page(s): 318 - 322
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4673-9053-8
DOI: 10.1109/ICSAE.2016.7810210

To improve performance in step-index plastic optical fiber (SI-POF), spectral efficient modulation Scheme like multilevel pulse amplitude modulation (M-PAM) with equalisers have recently been... View More