University Yahia Fares Medea - Whole brain epileptic seizure detection using unsupervised classification

2016 8th International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (ICMIC)

Author(s): Sabrina Belhadj ; Abdelouahab Attia ; Ahmed Bachir Adnane ; Zoubir Ahmed-Foitih ; Abdelmalik Ahmed Taleb
Publisher: University Yahia Fares Medea
Publication Date: 1 November 2016
Conference Location: Algiers, Algeria
Conference Date: 15 November 2016
Page(s): 977 - 982
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9567157-7-7
DOI: 10.1109/ICMIC.2016.7804256

Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders in human beings. It is characterized by recurring seizures in which abnormal electrical activity in the brain causes the loss of... View More