University Yahia Fares Medea - Design of discrete Pi-based current controller for reversible buck boost converter. Digital implementation using Arduino Due board

2016 8th International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (ICMIC)

Author(s): Mostefa Kermadi ; El Madjid Berkouk ; Ali Benachour
Publisher: University Yahia Fares Medea
Publication Date: 1 November 2016
Conference Location: Algiers, Algeria
Conference Date: 15 November 2016
Page(s): 863 - 866
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9567157-7-7
DOI: 10.1109/ICMIC.2016.7804235

In this paper, a Discrete PI Controller of the current in a Bidirectional DC-DC converter is designed. A digital implementation of the designed controller is carried out using the SAM3X8E ARM... View More