TCCT - Gyrowheel-based estimation for spacecraft angular rates

2016 35th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)

Author(s): Liu Xiaokun ; He Fenghua ; Zhao Hui ; Zhao Qing ; Yao Yu
Publisher: TCCT
Publication Date: 1 July 2016
Conference Location: Chengdu, China
Conference Date: 27 July 2016
Page(s): 5,624 - 5,629
ISBN (Electronic): 978-9-8815-6391-0
ISSN (Electronic): 1934-1768
DOI: 10.1109/ChiCC.2016.7554233

In this paper, a novel approach is proposed for estimating spacecraft two-dimensional angular rates by an innovative Actuator/Sensor named gyrowheel(GW). In order to solve the estimation problem... View More