Korea University - The home network traffic models investigation

2016 18th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT)

Author(s): Ruslan Kirichek ; Margarita Golubeva ; Vyacheslav Kulik ; Andrey Koucheryavy
Publisher: Korea University
Publication Date: 1 January 2016
Conference Location: Pyeongchang, South Korea
Conference Date: 31 January 2016
Page(s): 97 - 100
ISBN (CD): 978-8-9968-6507-0
ISBN (Electronic): 978-8-9968-6506-3
DOI: 10.1109/ICACT.2016.7423288

The paper presents the results of the traffic investigation on the home networks for BitTorrent, Skype and M2M services. The traffic features are investigated on the test beds. One of them is... View More