GIRI - An analytic model for spanning tree based routing methods

2009 11th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology

Author(s): Changjin Suh ; Zhen Luo ; Do-yeon Kim ; Bheom-soon Joo
Sponsor(s): IEEE Comm. Soc.
Publisher: GIRI
Publication Date: 1 February 2009
Conference Location: Phoenix Park, South Korea
Conference Date: 15 February 2009
Volume: 01
Page(s): 605 - 610
ISBN (CD): 978-89-5519-139-4
ISBN (Paper): 978-89-5519-138-7
ISSN (Paper): 1738-9445

Ethernet recently begins to be used in backbone networks. To get better performance in there, many layer-2 spanning tree based Ethernet routing schemes have been proposed, such as spanning tree... View More