MTS - Experiments with obstacle and terrain avoidance of autonomous underwater vehicle

OCEANS 2015 - MTS/IEEE Washington

Author(s): Hongli Xu ; Lei Gao ; Jian Liu ; Yiqun Wang ; Hongyu Zhao
Sponsor(s): IEEE Oceanic Eng. Soc.
Publisher: MTS
Publication Date: 1 October 2015
Conference Location: Washington, DC, USA
Conference Date: 19 October 2015
Page(s): 1 - 4
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9339-5743-5
DOI: 10.23919/OCEANS.2015.7404445

Real-time obstacle and terrain avoidance is highly necessary for an autonomous underwater vehicle maneuvering near the rugged seafloor. This paper aims at an obstacle and terrain avoidance system... View More