Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - Is the corporate elite disintegrating? Interlock boards and the Mizruchi hypothesis

2015 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)

Author(s): Kevin Mentzer ; Francois-Xavier Dudouet ; Dominique Haughton ; Pierre Latouche ; Fabrice Rossi
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Publication Date: 1 August 2015
Conference Location: Paris, France
Conference Date: 25 August 2015
Page(s): 781 - 786
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4503-3854-7
DOI: 10.1145/2808797.2808890

This paper proposes an approach for comparing interlocked board networks over time to test for statistically significant change. In addition to contributing to the conversation about whether the... View More