Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) - Design of a portable ammonia detector for supporting gas safety fields

2015 15th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS)

Author(s): Tae-Ho Nam ; Gyou-Tae Park ; Geun-Jun Lyu ; Yeon-Jae Lee
Publisher: Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS)
Publication Date: 1 October 2015
Conference Location: Busan, South Korea
Conference Date: 13 October 2015
Page(s): 1,421 - 1,424
ISBN (Electronic): 978-8-9932-1508-3
ISBN (USB): 978-8-9932-1509-0
ISSN (Paper): 2093-7121
DOI: 10.1109/ICCAS.2015.7364864

In this paper, we proposed a design of the field-supported portable ammonia detector. Ammonia gases are toxic gases so they stimulate nose and throat and cause many diseases. So, we designed the... View More