Engineers Australia - Actuator and sensor fault detection and diagnosis of quadrotor based on Two-Stage Kalman Filter

2015 5th Australian Control Conference (AUCC)

Author(s): Majid Moghadam ; Fikret Caliskan
Publisher: Engineers Australia
Publication Date: 1 November 2015
Conference Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Conference Date: 5 November 2015
Page(s): 182 - 187
ISBN (CD): 978-1-9221-0770-1
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-9221-0769-5
ISBN (USB): 978-1-4673-9552-6

This paper addresses the problem of sensor and actuator fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) of an unmanned quadrotor helicopter in the presence of the observation and process noises. To this end a... View More