Engineers Australia - Nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode control approach to front wheel subsystem of steer-by-wire system

2015 5th Australian Control Conference (AUCC)

Author(s): Iman Eman Mousavinejad ; Yong Zhu ; Ljubo Vlacic
Publisher: Engineers Australia
Publication Date: 1 November 2015
Conference Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Conference Date: 5 November 2015
Page(s): 164 - 169
ISBN (CD): 978-1-9221-0770-1
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-9221-0769-5
ISBN (USB): 978-1-4673-9552-6

The steer-by-wire (SbW) system, in which the conventional mechanical linkage between the steering wheel and the front wheel is removed, is capable of acting as an actuator for the active front... View More