EUCA - An efficient one-step-ahead optimal control for urban signalized traffic networks based on an averaged Cell-Transmission Model

2015 European Control Conference (ECC)

Author(s): Pietro Grandinetti ; Carlos Canudas de Wit ; Federica Garin
Publisher: EUCA
Publication Date: 1 July 2015
Conference Location: Linz, Austria
Conference Date: 15 July 2015
Page(s): 3,478 - 3,483
ISBN (Electronic): 978-3-9524-2693-7
ISBN (USB): 978-3-9524-2694-4
DOI: 10.1109/ECC.2015.7331072

This paper presents a model for large urban traffic networks, based on the well-known macroscopic Cell Transmission Model. We start by describing the dynamics of traffic flow at signalized... View More