EUCA - Leader-follower cooperative control paradigm, with applications to urban traffic coordination control

2015 European Control Conference (ECC)

Author(s): Rene K. Boel ; Nicolae E. Marinica ; Alain Sarlette
Publisher: EUCA
Publication Date: 1 July 2015
Conference Location: Linz, Austria
Conference Date: 15 July 2015
Page(s): 2,208 - 2,215
ISBN (Electronic): 978-3-9524-2693-7
ISBN (USB): 978-3-9524-2694-4
DOI: 10.1109/ECC.2015.7330867

This paper considers control of networks modeled by a directional graph. We propose a leader-follower paradigm for coordinating local feedback controllers in a large network of interacting... View More