Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association - The measurement of wait time in non-productive process of process units — Chieh-yuan Tiao

2015 Joint e-Manufacturing and Design Collaboration Symposium (eMDC) & 2015 International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing (ISSM)

Author(s): Chieh-yuan Tiao ; J. H. Sun ; Tingwei Hsu
Publisher: Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association
Publication Date: 1 September 2015
Conference Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Conference Date: 2 September 2015
Page(s): 1 - 4
ISBN (Electronic): 978-9-8691-7151-9

Ever since 2007, time waste became an industry-wide topic. In 2011 [ITRS] - roadmap, waste reduction was introduced as an important topic for the requirement of future manufacturing. WTW (wait... View More