ISIF - Anomaly detection in maritime data based on geometrical analysis of trajectories

2015 18th International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion)

Author(s): Behrouz Haji Soleimani ; Erico N. De Souza ; Casey Hilliard ; Stan Matwin
Publisher: ISIF
Publication Date: 1 July 2015
Conference Location: Washington, DC, USA
Conference Date: 6 July 2015
Page(s): 1,100 - 1,105
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9824-4386-6
ISBN (USB): 978-0-9824-4387-3

Anomaly detection is an important use of the Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), because it offers support to users to evaluate if a vessel is in trouble or causing trouble. For instance, it... View More