CSEE - Optimal operation of integrated energy systems subject to coupled demand constraints of electricity and natural gas

Author(s): Yingjie Qin ; Lilan Wu ; Jiehui Zheng ; Mengshi Li ; Zhaoxia Jing ; Q. H. Wu ; Xiaoxin Zhou ; Feng Wei
Sponsor(s): Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering
Publisher: CSEE
Publication Date: 1 June 2020
Volume: 6
Page(s): 444 - 457
ISSN (Electronic): 2096-0042
DOI: 10.17775/CSEEJPES.2018.00640

This paper proposes a hybrid multi-objective optimization and game-theoretic approach (HMOGTA) to achieve the optimal operation of integrated energy systems (IESs) consisting of electricity and... View More