IEEE Computer Society - The Impact of Ferroelectric FETs on Digital and Analog Circuits and Architectures

Author(s): Xiaoming Chen ; Suman Datta ; Xiaobo Sharon Hu ; Matthew Jerry ; Ann Franchesca Laguna ; Kai Ni ; Michael Niemier ; Dayane Reis ; Xiaoyu Sun ; Panni Wang ; Xunzhao Yin ; Shimeng Yu
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Volume: PP
Page(s): 1
ISSN (Electronic): 2168-2364
ISSN (Paper): 2168-2356
DOI: 10.1109/MDAT.2019.2944094

In this paper, we explore how devices with integrated ferroelectric material can impact both digital and analog circuits and architectures. We focus exclusively on ferroelectric field effect... View More