URSI - Plasmaspheric electron densities from satellite observation of ducted VLF transmitter signals

2019 URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (AP-RASC)

Author(s): David Koronczay ; Janos Lichtenberger ; Peter Steinbach ; Lilla Juhasz ; George Hospodarsky
Publisher: URSI
Publication Date: 1 March 2019
Conference Location: New Delhi, India, India
Conference Date: 9 March 2019
Page(s): 1
ISBN (Electronic): 978-908-25987-5-9
ISBN (USB): 978-908-25987-4-2
DOI: 10.23919/URSIAP-RASC.2019.8738721

Summary form only given, as follows. VLF measurements by the EMFISIS instrument onboard the Van Allen Probes satellite pair occasionally show signals from ground-based VLF transmitters. After... View More