Optical Society (The) (OSA) - A Nonblocking 4×4 Mach-Zehnder Switch with Integrated Gain and Nanosecond-Scale Reconfiguration Time

2019 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC)

Author(s): Nicolas Dupuis ; Fuad Doany ; Russell A. Budd ; Laurent Schares ; Christian W. Baks ; Daniel M. Kuchta ; Takako Hirokawa ; Benjamin G. Lee
Publisher: Optical Society (The) (OSA)
Publication Date: 1 March 2019
Conference Location: San Diego, CA, USA, USA
Conference Date: 3 March 2019
Page(s): 1 - 3
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-943580-53-8

We present a silicon photonic switch assembly integrating a nonblocking 4×4 Mach-Zehnder switch and a flip-chipped SOA array. The switch provides close to net-neutral-loss in the full C-band for... View More