Brno University of Technology - Tuning Optimization of Extended State Observer for Two Mass System with Elastic Joint and Backlash

2018 18th International Conference on Mechatronics - Mechatronika (ME)

Author(s): Bartlomiej Wicher ; Stefan Brock
Publisher: Brno University of Technology
Publication Date: 1 December 2018
Conference Location: Brno, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Conference Date: 5 December 2018
Page(s): 1 - 6
ISBN (CD): 978-80-214-5543-6
ISBN (Electronic): 978-80-214-5542-9
ISBN (Paper): 978-80-214-5544-3

Extended State Observer (ESO) is an essential part of the Active Disturbance Rejection Control. The paper presents research over optimization of the tuning process of the ESO utilized in motor... View More