Poznan University of Technology - Detecting the Number of Speakers in Speech Mixtures by Human and Machine

2018 Signal Processing: Algorithms, Architectures, Arrangements, and Applications (SPA)

Author(s): Tomasz Maka ; Miroslaw Lazoryszczak
Publisher: Poznan University of Technology
Publication Date: 1 September 2018
Conference Location: Poznan, Poland, Poland
Conference Date: 19 September 2018
Page(s): 239 - 244
ISBN (Electronic): 978-8-3620-6533-2
ISBN (Paper): 978-83-62065-31-8
ISSN (Electronic): 2326-0319
ISSN (Paper): 2326-0262
DOI: 10.23919/SPA.2018.8563405

The problem of sound sources estimation and its properties in acoustic scene plays important role in many voice-based interaction systems. The interference between sources can deteriorate system... View More