EPE Association - Series Short-Circuit Failures in Three-Level ANPC Converters

2018 20th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'18 ECCE Europe)

Author(s): David Hammes ; Sidney Gierschner ; Yves Hein ; Jan Fuhrmann ; Dietmar Krug ; Hans-Gunter Eckel
Publisher: EPE Association
Publication Date: 1 September 2018
Conference Location: Riga, Latvia, Latvia
Conference Date: 17 September 2018
ISBN (Electronic): 978-9-0758-1528-3
ISBN (USB): 978-9-0758-1529-0

Three-level converters like the Active-Neutral-Point-Clamped type can suffer from series short-circuit failures. These cases cannot exist for the standard two-level converter except when a... View More