EPE Association - Decoupling Power Flow Control of Triple-Active Bridge Converter with Voltage Difference between Each Port for Distributed Power Supply System

2018 20th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'18 ECCE Europe)

Author(s): Keigo Katagiri ; Koya Nishimoto ; Shota Nakagawa ; Shota Okutani ; Yuichi Kado ; Keiji Wada
Publisher: EPE Association
Publication Date: 1 September 2018
Conference Location: Riga, Latvia, Latvia
Conference Date: 17 September 2018
ISBN (Electronic): 978-9-0758-1528-3
ISBN (USB): 978-9-0758-1529-0

An autonomous DC microgrid system that uses a triple-active bridge (TAB) converter as a three-way power routing unit is proposed. In this system, various renewable energies, batteries, and local... View More