IEEJ Industry Application Society - Exploration of the Design and Performance Space of a High Frequency 166 kW/10 kV SiC Solid-State Air-Core Transformer

2018 International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC-Niigata 2018-ECCE Asia)

Author(s): Piotr Czyz ; Thomas Guillod ; Florian Krismer ; Johann W. Kolar
Publisher: IEEJ Industry Application Society
Publication Date: 1 May 2018
Conference Location: Niigata, Japan
Conference Date: 20 May 2018
Page(s): 396 - 403
ISBN (Electronic): 978-4-88686-405-5
ISBN (USB): 978-4-88686-403-1
DOI: 10.23919/IPEC.2018.8507746

With the availability of 10 kV SiC MOSFETs with low Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) losses, Medium-Voltage (MV) converters, e.g., Solid-State Transformers (SST), capable of operation at very high... View More