IEEJ Industry Application Society - Power-Factor-Correction with Power Decoupling for AC-to-DC Converter

2018 International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC-Niigata 2018-ECCE Asia)

Author(s): Wan-Jung Chen ; Tsung-Hsi Wu ; Yao-Ching Hsieh ; Chin-Sien Moo ; Po-Hsiang Wen
Publisher: IEEJ Industry Application Society
Publication Date: 1 May 2018
Conference Location: Niigata, Japan
Conference Date: 20 May 2018
Page(s): 3,544 - 3,548
ISBN (Electronic): 978-4-88686-405-5
ISBN (USB): 978-4-88686-403-1
DOI: 10.23919/IPEC.2018.8507366

To prolong the lifetime of electronic circuits by excluding the electrolytic capacitor, this paper attempts to develop a power-factor-correction (PFC) circuit for ac-to-dc converters based... View More