FRUCT Oy - Evaluation of Modern Laser Based Indoor SLAM Algorithms

2018 22nd Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT)

Author(s): Kirill Krinkin ; Anton Filatov ; Art yom Filatov ; Artur Huletski ; Dmitriy Kartashov
Publisher: FRUCT Oy
Publication Date: 1 May 2018
Conference Location: Jyvaskyla, Finland, Finland
Conference Date: 15 May 2018
Page(s): 101 - 106
ISBN (CD): 978-952-68653-5-5
ISBN (Electronic): 978-952-68653-4-8
ISSN (Electronic): 2305-7254
DOI: 10.23919/FRUCT.2018.8468263

One of the key issues that prevents creation of a truly autonomous mobile robot is the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem. A solution is supposed to estimate a robot pose and to... View More