Tsinghua University Press Ltd. - Highly sensitive and portable gas sensing system based on reduced graphene oxide

Author(s): Wentian Mi ; Shih-Wen Chiu ; Tao Xue ; Yuanquan Chen ; Hanyu Qi ; Yi Yang ; Kea-Tiong Tang ; Tian-Ling Ren
Publisher: Tsinghua University Press Ltd.
Publication Date: 1 August 2016
Volume: 21
Page(s): 435 - 441
ISSN (Electronic): 1007-0214
DOI: 10.1109/TST.2016.7536721

Graphene has been widely used in gas-sensing applications due to its large specific surface area and strong adsorption ability. Among different forms of graphene used as gas-sensing materials,... View More